Tutti Frutti

The concept for Tutti Frutti is to upcycle fruit and vegetable mesh bags from supermarkets.
The hope of this project is to start a rethinking process in consumers and how they see plastics: as a valuable material that we should handle with care. I believe we should be reusing these materials carefully, as they will become a scarce resource in the future.
The lampshades are manufactured with the same handcraft technique also used in the production of precious silk lamps, thereby giving this cheap throw-away mesh fabric a higher value.
The fabric comes in a variety of colours, sizes and weaving structures. The mesh material is usually PE so it’s very long lasting, transparent and light-weight.
Also, it is possible to rinse it carefully with lukewarm water. LED lighting technology makes it possible to use these materials without melting or burning them.

  • Product design
  • 3d modelling
  • Light design
  • Prototype
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