Confetti are small pieces of paper or other materials which are usually thrown at celebrations. They come in a variety of colours and shapes. The word originates from the Latin confectum, with confetti the plural of Italian confetto, which means a small sweet. Throwing confetti is a modern adaptation of the ancient ritual of throwing grains or sweets for special celebrations.
The confetti lamp is a kid’s lamp meant to simulate the fun moments of throwing confetti. To surprise and delight the children everyday a little, the confetti is only properly visible and bright when the lamp is switched on. So the moment of getting ready to go to bed is connected to something joyful.
The confetti lamps come as table or ceiling lamps in customisable sizes. Each piece is unique since the confetti never falls in the same way. It is handcrafted and can be disassembled for recycling. Dimensions prototype: height 550 mm, upper-ø 80 mm, lower-ø 240 mm.

  • Product design
  • 3d modelling
  • Light design
  • Prototype
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